We are happy to be shared with you our project and somehow you found us here, any way you and I are the same people who share a passion. Changing ourselves, controlling our financial destiny, and more, we also have a special interest in Cryptocurrency - a great investment channel for us, a source of all ambitions nurture strong financial resources and make it better each day.
So that you don't have to wait any longer, I will begin to go into the main topic with the first topic on Nagaswap floors!
As you all know, recently the market has continuously received a lot of fever from the development platform based on the wave of DeFi protocol, it allows users to participate in depositing money in exchange for the token of the protocol. And one of them is Nagaswap.
Nagaswap is officially one of the DEX exchanges based on Blockchain. The DEX exchange, with the full name of the Decentralized Exchange - is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built and operated on the Binance Smart Chain platform and it allows you to make all transactions without going through any other intermediaries.
Unlike CEX, you will have complete control of your assets. At the same time, transactions will be held peer-to-peer through Smart Contracts. This is one of the great advantages that DEX has, for CEX (Centralized Exchange) you will have to hand over all your holdings to the exchange and then your risk. Very high because exchanges can lock your access whenever they want, which means how long you can lose all the assets you have accumulated.
In addition, for DEX, you do not need to verify KYC (Identity Verification) when making large withdrawals from the exchange, all transactions on your exchange will be completely secure, hidden. the whole list. And one more special thing more than that is the fact that the system is almost 100% secure. If you have ever known electronic money trading systems, it is impossible not to hear about the cases of hacker attacks causing serious consequences with many different purposes. With each attack like that, they will gather all of your information, transaction history, and even your entire assets. With the DEX exchange, all user assets are placed on the Blockchain platform and are secured by notes in the network.
Since it has only recently been built and developed recently, the smoothness of the exchange is still not so perfect compared to the centralized exchange being implemented. However, in the coming time, we can all hope that this will be quickly overcome and bring about the most modern improvements.
Token Nagaswap (BNW) of the Nagaswap Protocol project is a cryptocurrency operated on the Binance Smart chain platform. It is a digital asset issued by the Nagaswap project, representing the company's share of capital. It can be used in transactional sessions or payments within the project's ecosystem. In addition, the NagaSwap token can also be used to accumulate points and perform many exchanges/transactions to exploit in Make Money Game.
On the NagaSwap exchange, you can directly swap BNB, BAND, BCH, ALPHA, ... to Token Nagaswap for staking or mining on the platform. For Token Nagaswap players who only want to invest in the price movement of this token instead of rapidly increasing the number of tokens, they can trade on exchanges that the project has listed as and so many exchanges.
On the menu item of NagaSwap, click Staking. Here when you stake (ie lock the amount of Token Nagaswap available) you will be paid a profit in the form of Token Nagaswap.
Similar to staking, but add liquidity, you need to stake 2 tokens to create a pool of tokens. After having a token pool, you can lock these token pools to the pools from which to make profit Token NagaSwap (BNW).