Make Money Game

Yield Farming is a recent emerging wave on DeFi platforms, simply because it allows investors to quickly benefit from high returns, as well as the growth potential is still enormous in the near future. At Nagaswap Yield Farming will be demonstrated through the "Make Money Game (MMG)" product we call "Happy Farm". Participants must use Nagaswap Token (BNW) to proceed to exploit applications in the game that first "Tochi" "土地" means land, this extraction will bring a huge income to the farmers, the total supply of "Tochi" is 50,000 "Tochi". The first 1000 "Tochi" will be pre-mined for the purpose to support the angel farmers who own Nagaswap Tokens, for every 1000 "Tochi" mined, the mining difficulty will be doubled, like "halving bitcoin", you must have a "Tool Farming" purchased with Nagaswap token and you must own 1 "Tochi" purchased at an incremental price. we will set an initial price of 500 USD / Tochi with 30,000 USD added liquidity on and lock 2 years, the price of "Tochi" will never be below 500 USD, and the growth value will continue to increase as more mining volume becomes. and is priced by the community.