Road Map
MAY 2020
  • Concept Development: After months of research and development, our team is thrilled to finally take the covers off Nagaswap
Q3 2020
  • Team Forming
  • 1st Community Survey
  • Website and Whitepaper
  • Pre-sale ICO starts
  • MVP of Nagaswap prototype for developers
Q4 2020
  • 2nd Community Survey
  • Public Token Sale Begins
  • Beta NagaSwap DEX User Testing
  • Release our first dex for beta testing to our member's community
December 2020
  • Public ICO launch and crowd-sale starts – 18th November & Token distribution will commence
  • Official NagaSwap DEX released
27th March 2021
  • Pancake Exchange listing
  • Naga Farming launch
  • Naga EcoSystem - Project ANTERES GOVERNANCE officially starts
8th April 2021
  • Naga Decentralized Governance
15th April 2021
  • Deploy Cross-chain Stable Coin ROCK
Q3 2021
  • Naga Ecosystem - Project NFT gaming Testnet
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