Road Map
MAY 2020
    Concept Development: After months of research and development, our team is thrilled to finally take the covers off Nagaswap
Q3 2020
    Team Forming
    1st Community Survey
    Website and Whitepaper
    Pre-sale ICO starts
    MVP of Nagaswap prototype for developers
Q4 2020
    2nd Community Survey
    Public Token Sale Begins
    Beta NagaSwap DEX User Testing
    Release our first dex for beta testing to our member's community
December 2020
    Public ICO launch and crowd-sale starts – 18th November & Token distribution will commence
    Official NagaSwap DEX released
27th March 2021
    Pancake Exchange listing
    Naga Farming launch
    Naga EcoSystem - Project ANTERES GOVERNANCE officially starts
8th April 2021
    Naga Decentralized Governance
15th April 2021
    Deploy Cross-chain Stable Coin ROCK
Q3 2021
    Naga Ecosystem - Project NFT gaming Testnet
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